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MyAcuvueRewards Account Login & Registration

MyAcuvueRewards Customer Rewards Program

  • Account login and registration can be completed
  • List of rewards by brand is available for review
  • Customer support is available by phone or mail

Anyone who pays attention to the various customer reward programs offered by companies likely understands that not all are created equal.  Acuvue is doing its part to set its rewards program apart from the rest by offering customers savings of up to $200 per year when providing proof of an Acuvue purchase.

Contact wearers who like the concept of having 200 extra dollars in their pocket can sign up for the program by going to the MyAcuvueRewards page and clicking the Register for My Acuvue Rewards button.  To complete the registration an online form must be filled out with a name, email address, password, zip code, and date of birth.  Prior to submitting the registration form customers must confirm their experience with contact lenses and specify what type of contact lenses they use.
Acuvue rewards YOU!

More on the MyAcuvueRewards Program

  • The amount of the reward will depend on the brand and quantity of Acuvue lenses purchased
  • Rewards earned through the program will be awarded in the form of an Acuvue Visa Prepaid card
  • The Acuvue Prepaid Visa card can be used on purchases at any store where Visa cards are accepted
  • Customers should be sure to ask their eye care professional for a Rewards Code at the time of purchase
  • Acuvue Rewards are only available through in-office purchases made at participating retail locations

Customers who have already registered for the My Acuvue Rewards program can sign into an account using their email address and password.  Those who fail to recall a password while logging in can enter their email address to begin the reset process.  Customers with questions can send correspondence to Acuvue Customer Relations or seek immediate assistance by phone.  A full list of rewards and the corresponding products can be reviewed by clicking the See All Rewards link posted at the bottom of the rewards account.

Acuvue Customer Relations

  • 800-843-2020 (Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5PM EST)
  • 7500 Centurion Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32256






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