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  • Pay fines owed to the state of Missouri due to traffic, water craft, and conservation violations
  • Fine can be paid in person and through the mail as alternatives to online payments

It’s never a good idea to put fines that are owed to the state on the back-burner.  Luckily for individuals that owe fines to the state of Missouri there is a convenient place called the Missouri Fine Collection Center (MOFCC) where traffic, conservation, and watercraft violations can be settled once and for all.  Fines can be paid to MOFCC by mail, or in person if desired, but the easiest way to take care of the owed fine is by utilization of the online payment option through the MOFCC website.

A Few Things to Know About Paying Fines to MOFCC Using the Online System

  • MOFCC online payment system users should have their citation numbers available (found on the upper right corner of traffic and water citations and upper left corner of conservation citations)
  • The entire amount due listed on the citation must be paid along with an initial processing fee for the online payment
  • Paying the full amount due is considered a guilty plea to the charge listed on the citation
  • The MOHCC online payment system is closed nightly from 1 AM to 1:30 AM CST and also on the last Wednesday of every month from 2 PM to 4 PM CST
  • Individuals looking to take care of their fines online will only have the payment options of Visa or MasterCard

Those that prefer not to pay their citations online can take care of the payment the old-school way by mailing a check, cash, or money order to Missouri Fine Collection Center PO Box 104540 Jefferson City, Missouri 65110.  Individuals that want to get really old-school with some actual human interaction can grab their payment method and march down to MOFCC to pay in person.

MOFCC Contact Info

  • P:  877-866-3926  F:  573-522-8504  Hearing Impaired Phone:  800-735-2966


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