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Mobile Content Settlement

  • Class Members can file claims online or by mail
  • Claim filing and exclusion deadlines apply

It’s hard to go any extended period of time without hearing about yet another lawsuit filed over allegations of unsolicited text messages being sent to wireless telephone subscribers. The text messages in questions regarding the Cullan and Cullan LLC v. M-Qube, Inc. et al class action lawsuit were allegedly sent from Premium Shortcodes related to Mobile Content (ring-tones, news and information alerts, and other digital and electronic content).  Those who believe they are an eligible Class Member can try to get a slice of the settlement pie by going to the Mobile Content Settlement page and filing an online claim form by the May 31st, 2017 claim filing deadline.

A Thing or Two to Keep in Mind Regarding the Mobile Content Settlement

  • Class Members who don’t like the terms of the settlement can be excluded by sending notice to the Settlement Administrator
  • Those who do not exclude themselves from the Mobile Content Settlement will be bound by its terms as well as the final judgment
  • Anyone wishing to object to the settlement must have written noticed in its appropriate form filed with  U.S. District Court of Nebraska
  • Objections must be sent to Clerk of the District Court, 111 South 18th Plaza, Suite 3259, Omaha, NE 68102 on or before February 9th, 2017

The date of February 9th, 2017 also serves as deadline to send notice of a request for exclusion from the Mobile Content Settlement (notice most be post-marked no later than deadline date).  Class Members who would rather proceed the old-fashioned way can print a blank claim form which can be filled out and mailed to the Settlement Administrator.  Claim forms that are mailed will need to be post-marked on or before the May 31st, 2017 filing deadline.

Mobile Content Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 3614, Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614
  • 888-521-0673



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