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By now most people know that foods like kale and spinach are said to be good for overall health.  For many of these same people it’s not the knowing that’s the problem, it’s the actual EATING.  Fortunately getting down a serving of these vegetables is becoming much more palatable thanks to Heart Greens.  Health conscious individuals who decide to give the product a try will get the dietary nitrate equivalent of 5 servings of vegetables in just one single scoop.  Perhaps more importantly is the fact that Heart Greens goes down with a delicious and refreshing lemon flavor.  Those who want to have their Heart Greens and eat them too can get started with an order by going to the Mike Loves Greens page.

Anything else I need to know before I order?

  • All of the greens sourced for Heart Greens have been tested to ensure a consistent level of dietary nitrate
  • Heart Greens uses only non-GMO spinach and kale that is grown in the United States in rich cultivated soil
  • The product’s patented technology is said to activate mechanisms that effectively metabolize dietary nitrate
  • Some other ingredients that can be found in Heart Greens include wheat grass, monk fruit extract, and stevia

When making an order through the Mike Loves Greens page customers can choose between 1 canister for $49.95 plus shipping, 3 canisters for $99.90 with free shipping, or 6 canisters for $189.81 with free shipping.  In addition to the free shipping, those who order a 3 or 6 canister order will also receive nitric oxide testing strips (2 with the 3 canister order and 5 with the 6 canister order).

Order Heart Greens by Phone

  • 800-775-4180


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