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Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement

  • Claims can be filed online or by mail
  • Commonly Asked Questions available
  • Administrator contact info is provided

When the price of a product is believed to be made artificially high by anti-competitive conduct, there exists the possibility of an antitrust class action lawsuit.  One of the latest examples of such can be found in the recently settled Adriana M. Castro, et al. v. Sanofi Pasteur Inc.  The suit was filed over allegations that the Defendant required certain healthcare providers to buy substantially all of its MCV4 Vaccines or risk paying much higher prices on its ENTIRE portfolio of pediatric vaccines.  The lawsuit claims that this conduct foreclosed the entry of a rival MCV4 Vaccine supplier and allowed the Defendant to maintain its monopoly power in the market in violation of the federal antitrust laws.  The Defendant, however, asserts that its conduct benefits purchasers of MCV4 Vaccines (and consumers more generally) and that it did not engage in any illegal conduct, that its actions did not raise prices to non-competitive levels, and that any alleged anti-competitive effects from its conduct are outweighed by the pro-competitive effects.  At this point it doesn’t look like the court will need to weigh in on either sides’ arguments as the case has come to a massive $61,500,000 settlement.

More on the Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement

  • The deadline by which claim forms must be filed (online or by mail) is January 18th, 2018
  • Those who plan to file by mail must ensure correspondence is post-marked by the deadline
  • Class Members who file valid claims will receive a pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund
  • The effective dates for the purchases is between March 1st, 2010 and December 31st, 2014

Class Members with questions can try finding the answers they are looking for by reviewing the information found under the Common Asked Questions section of the Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement page.  Those who plan on filing a claim by mail will need to make sure the correspondence is sent directly to the Settlement Administrator.  The Settlement Administrator can also be contacted by those who come up short on finding the answers they need in the Commonly Asked Questions section.

Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 2563, Faribault, MN 55021-9563
  • 866-216-0279


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