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How to Access Member Benefits Online

  • Username and password can be used to login
  • First time users can register in 5 easy steps
  • Claims number is available for dental providers

When it comes to checking the status of a claim sometimes the easiest way to go about it is through use of an online portal.  Healthcare providers who need to review patient information such as claims and coverage can now do so online through use of the convenient Member Benefits Online portal found at  Upon arrival at the portal access can be initiated by entering a username and password into the login fields before clicking the Submit button to proceed into the system.  Users who have forgotten or misplaced a username or account password can begin the retrieval process by entering a Taxpayer Identification Number, first name, last name, and zip code.  Those who are having problems with the password recovery system can click the Customer Support link to fill out an online contact form with a name, message, email address, and phone number.

Steps For First Time Users of the Member Benefits Online Portal

  1. Users will first have to review and agree to the licensing agreement to begin
  2. Complete the Personal Information section by entering all required information
  3. Submit all of the Taxpayer Identification Numbers associated with registration
  4. Create a username and password that will be used to enter (seems reasonable)
  5. Review all of previously entered information and hit the Finish button to confirm

Once registration for the Member Benefits Online portal has been completed providers can begin to take advantage of convenient features such as searching for a patient and viewing claims.  The patient search can be completed by entering the patient’s first name, last name, and date of birth with all other fields being left blank.  The process of taking a look at a claim can be initiated by clicking the View Claim Status link (only claims within the portal that have been finalized are available for viewing).

The Member Benefits Online provider portal is run by BeneSys Administrators.  Providers in need assistance can try clicking the Instructions link to download a 6 page manual that includes helpful tips and step by step visual instructions.  It should be noted that providers within the Coastal Dental Network must call a toll-free number for claim status and pre-authorizations.

Claim Status Number for Coastal Dental Network Providers

  • 877-937-6462




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