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Member Benefit Access

  • Member ID and zip code are needed to login
  • Credit Hawk app is available to be downloaded
  • Support is available though live agent chat

It’s not going too far out on a limb to assume that those who are fortunate enough to be Horizon Gold cardholder likely have little to no complaints regarding the ease of which benefits can be accessed online through Member Benefit Access portal.  The simple process for gaining online account access can be completed in just a few seconds by entering a Member ID along with a zip code before clicking the Login (hard to get any easier than that!).  Cardholders who run into problems while attempting to login to an account can click the Contact Us button to be connected to a live representative via chat.  Prior to clicking the Send button to begin the chat session a name, email address, and message can be entered into the chat box.  In additoj to an inclredibly easy account access process, cardholders interested in being matched with credit offers can click the Download Now button posted at the Member Benefit Access portal to receive the sought-after Credit Hawk App.

A Review of the Fees, Rates, and Costs Associated with the Horizon Gold Card

  • The cards comes with a ZERO percent Annual Percentage Rate on purchases (can’t get any lower!)
  • $25 NSF Check Fees, a $20 Late Payment Fees, and $5 card issuance account validation fees apply
  • No cancellation fees and processing fees vary per item purchased (seems reasonable enough)
  • The minimum due each month is either $25 or 10% of the account balance (whichever is greater)

After logging into the Member Benefit Access portal users will gain access to features such as My Privacy Protection, My Universal RX, My Roadside Protect and My Legal Assistance benefits.  In addition to these convenient features, the Horizon Gold card comes with a $500 unsecured credit limit.  Those with questions about the Horizon Gold card can try getting in touch via phone, mail, or email (because no question should ever go unanswered when it comes to one’s fiances).

Reliant Holdings, Inc. Contact Information

  • PO Box 1275, Indiana, PA 15701
  • 800-251-6144


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