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McAfee Williamson Settlement 

  • Settlement has been reached to resolve allegations surrounding auto renewals
  • Eligible Class Members can go online to submit Cash Election Form by deadline

Auto renewals can be a major convenience for customers who wish to keep their subscriptions current while avoiding the hassle of a time-consuming payment process. However, when customers feel they have been taken advantage of by the auto renewal process the end result could be a class action lawsuit. The McAfee Williamson Settlement has recently been agreed upon in order to settle the lawsuit titled Williamson v. McAfee, Inc.  The settlement is poised to put an end to the ongoing litigation that was filed over allegations of McAfee engaging in unfair practices regarding their auto renewal charges (which McAfee denies).  Eligible Class Members will receive a $11.50 in cash payment (if the settlement is approved) which can be claimed by going to the McAfee Williamson Settlement page and filing a Cash Election Form.

McAfee Williamson Settlement Information Highlights

  • Class Members who do not go for the cold hard cash and file a Cash Election Form will instead receive a McAfee certificate valued at $11.50 (good for McAfee or Intel Security products)
  • In order to verify eligibility for the  filing of a Cash Election Form Class Members will need to refer to their settlement notice and confirm that the Personal ID Number listed starts with BOT or AUT
  • Class Members who receive a settlement notice with a Personal ID Number that starts with REF are in the Reference Price Class only and will not be eligible to file a Cash election Form
  • Eligible Class Members who want no part of the McAfee Williamson Settlement can retain their rights to file their own lawsuit and exclude themselves from the settlement by the November 28th, 2016 deadline

Class members who opt to go ahead with the cash settlement will need to get on the ball sooner rather than later as the deadline to file a Cash Election Form is December 23rd, 2016. Those who have questions or need more information can contact the McAfee William Settlement Administrator by phone, mail, or email.

McAfee William Settlement Administrator

  • 844-343-1478
  • 1801 Market St, Suite 660, Philadelphia, PA 19103




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