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Make Your Payment

  • Pay collections accounts managed by RMB, Inc. and Advanced Credit Services
  • New users will need to create and account while existing users can login with a username and password

Individuals that have opened their mail boxes only to be left feeling quite rattled due to finding a letter from a collections service can now unburden themselves by taking care of their debts online through the Make Your Payment portal.  Once inside the portal users can make online payments and get answers to questions they may have about their account.  In addition to making a payment, users will also be able to view their current balance and payment history.  To begin the login process users will need to select the link for either RMB, Inc. or Advanced Credit Services (depending which collector manages the account being paid).

Logging Into Make Your Payment

  • The login process will need to be completed by entering a username and password
  • Spanish reading users can elect to complete the login process in Spanish by clicking on the Habla espanol? link
  • Users that cannot have lost or forgotten their usernames can retrieve them by entering their original Access Code
  • To recover a lost or forgotten password users will need to enter their username in order for a password to be emailed
New users must create an account before logging into the Make Your Payment portal by entering their Access Code and the last four digits of their Social Security Number.  To find an Access Code and account number users should refer to the letter they received from the collectors.  Those that do not have the letter handy can opt to call the collectors directly to obtain the needed information by dialing one of the following 2 numbers (depending on which collector) :
  • Advanced Credit Services – 866-397-0220
  • RMB, Inc. – 866-607-2906




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