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Lunch Prepay

  • Users can access account online by signing in through the program page
  • Search tool is available to help parents locate participating schools

Parents can now take care of those pesky school lunch costs ahead of time by utilizing the convenient Lunch Prepay program.  To access a student’s meal account users will need to enter a username and password into the fields provided at the Lunch Prepay page and then hit the GO! button.  Hip (or not so hip) parents that are on Facebook can expedite the login process by using their Facebook accounts to complete the sign in.  Users that have forgotten their Lunch Prepay account login credentials can access the link provided under the login fields to start the information recovery process.

Is paying for lunch through use of the Lunch Prepay program really worth it?

  • Payments can be made for school fees in addition to lunches and all payments can be set to recur on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Parents can pay for the accounts of multiple children all at the same time with just one single payment
  • Users will be able to see 90 days worth or purchases and can access their account anytime and anywhere the internet is available
  • The Lunch Prepay program will send users an automated notification via email when an account balance falls below a set amount
  • There is no maximum payment associated with the program and only a small charge of $1.95 per transaction
  • Notice via text or email will be sent to parents when new school fees are assigned to their child’s account

Parents that are convinced that the Lunch Prepay program is the way to go will first need to make sure that their child’s school is a program participant.  In order to confirm participation, parents will need to enter their state and school district to view a list of all schools involved.  For further questions about the Lunch Prepay program users can write to Education Management Systems, Inc. 4110 Shipyard Boulevard Wilmington, NC 28403 or




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