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Logan’s Bswift Portal

  • Username and password are needed to enter
  • Self-help password recovery method is provided
  • The Benefit Team can be contacted for login issues

Any company that employs as many hard-working individuals as does Logan’s Roadhouse (it’s a lot) should have an equally hard working portal that provides access to important work-related information.  Logan’s answer to this demand is on full display through the Team Member portal found at the Logan’s Bswift page.  Employees who require access to an account can login (in literally the time it takes to tie a shoe or perhaps even less) by entering a username and password into the provided fields before hitting the Login button.  Those who would love nothing more than to enter the portal, but can’t due to a lost or forgotten password, can begin the account recovery process by clicking the Forgot Password link and entering a username or email address.  It should be noted that employees will be asked to change the initial password after logging into the Logan’s Bswift page for the first time (a standard procedure found at a great deal of user portals).

Rapid Fire Facts About Logan’s Roadhouse

  • Broken peanut shells all over the floors is a common sight (check the pretenses at the door!)
  • The grand daddy of all Logan’s (the original location) was founded in 1991 in Lexington, KY
  • Logan’s Roadhouse bakes an almost unfathomable 98 MILLION plus rolls year in and year out
  • The restaurant sells over 2 million teas and uses around 4 and a half million peanuts per year
  • Nation’s Restaurant News ranked Logan’s 75 of the America’s Top 100 Food Chains (top 100!)
  • Is NOT named after the flagship Marvel X-Men character (perhaps a real shocker for many)

The username used to gain access to the Logan’s Bswift page will consist of an employee’s first letter of first name, last name, and last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.  Those who still can’t get into the portal after attempting the online password reset may want reach out to the Logan’s Benefits Team for further assistance.  The Benefits Team can be reached at 877-368-6053 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.  Employees with general job-related questions can try calling the Logan’s employee relations number.

Logan’s Roadhouse Employee Relations Phone Number

  • 877-644-6905


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