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Lion’s Choice ROAR!!!!

Got a Lion’s sized hunger?

Ready to be rewarded for it?

Well if you’re a fan of Lion’s Choice, you’re in luck.

The Lion’s Choice ROAR rewards program is now taking new members and is set to reward FREE roast beef sandwiches!

In order to get started you’ll first need to sign up at

Once you’re done signing up you can upload your recent purchase receipt to keep a tally on your rewards (watching them build is half the fun!).

How to upload your receipt at

  • First click the corresponding link posted at the page
  • Once the new page appears you’ll see a short (yet beautiful) online form
  • Fill out the form!  After it’s done hit that Submit button
  • *Consider taking a second look to confirm accuracy (never hurts)

Once you’ve successfully submitted your receipt your points will be added to your account.  Points not showing up?? STAY CALM.  Don’t let this ruin your day, week, month, OR year.  Why you ask?  Because new points may take up to 48 hours to be reflected on your account (just be patient and those rewards will come rollin’ in like clockwork!).

More info from

Every buck you spend at Lion’s Choice will earn you 1 point (and even one for one match is ALWAYS appreciated).

Earned enough points?  Let the nearest Lion’s Choice team member you want to redeem them!

You can also tally your points by giving your phone number to an employee (as opposed to uploading your receipt).

Got a birthday coming up?  Look for your annual ROAR reward (it’s nice to be remembered).

So, are your ready to feasts?  A hot roast beef sandwich sounds awfully good right about now doesn’t it?  Just rack up 50 additional points and another is on the way!

Feed back for Lion’s Choice?  Here’s the corporate contact info:

Lion’s Choice Offices

  • 12977 N Forty Dr #100
  • St. Louis, MO 63141
  • 314-821-8665


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