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Stop & Play Some Games at Land of Freezedom

  • A variety of cool games are available
  • Sound can be turned off  at any time
  • Wells Food Service contact info is available

Let’s face it, everyone needs a break from the mundane every so often.  Those who agree may be interested in the unbridled escapism offered by Bomb Pop’s Land of Freezedom online gaming center.  Upon arrival at the center the icons shown on the green orb can be clicked to pull up one of the available fun and zany online games.  Those who prefer to play without sound can go ahead click the icon posted at the top right hand side of the page to put everything on mute (might be a good idea for those attempting to play while taking a quick break at work!).  Friends and family can be let in on the fun by clicking the icon posted at the bottom right hand of side of the page to copy and text the link to the Land of Freezedom gaming center.  It needs to be pointed out that the green orb can be clicked on and spun in any direction to get a 360 degree view (there’s more games than initially meets the eye!).

Delicious Bomb Pop Variations

  • Jolly Rancher – When two great brand names are combined the end result is often special
  • Banana Fudge – A classic combination of flavors that many simply can’t possibly say no to
  • Junior – Exactly like the original only smaller (the delicious original flavors are still included)
  • Strawberry Raspberry Fruit – A fruity combination that’s sure to make the taste buds POP
  • Bomb Pop Cup – All of the original flavors crammed into a handy cup (no stick needed!)

Bomb Pop is made by Wells Food Services,  the top manufacturer of ice cream and frozen novelties in the food service channel.  Those who wish to provide feedback or ask a questions regarding Bomb Pops or any of the other Wells brands can do so by calling the company’s toll-free feedback and inquiry line.

Wells Food Services Customer Feedback & Inquiry Phone Number

  • 800-331-0830



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