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IRS Direct Pay

  • Make a payment to the Tax Man online in just a few simple steps (Yes the Federal Government actually makes it easy to make a payment online)
  • US residents who have already made a payment to Uncle Sam can also check the status of the payment with their IRS confirmation number
  • Users of IRS Direct Pay are allowed to cancel or update a payment until 11:59pm ET two business days before the scheduled payment date

The IRS Direct Pay service is free to use and the payment will come directly from the customers checking or savings account (must have a good standing bank account in order to use Direct Pay).  The Direct Pay system will have short outages on the weekend and between 11:45 p.m. and midnight Eastern time.  Please note the user’s bank account information is NOT permanently kept in the IRS data based under any circumstances.

IRS Direct Pay Notes

  • Can be used to pay down any IRS balance (i.e. Civil penalty, 1040 tax return)
  • Users must select the Apply Payment To and Reason for Payment
  • Users can submit more than one payment using Direct Pay but they must be separately
  • Every time IRS Direct Pay is used the user will have to go through a bothersome verification process
  • Please allow up to two days (aka 48 hours) for payments to process when using the IRS Direct Pay program
  • Payments are allowed to be scheduled up to 30 days in advance
  • The Direct Pay service works best with Chrome 31 (or higher)

It should be noted any tax payments submitted after 8 p.m. eastern will begin processing the next business day & all payment return notices will be sent via US Mail.  The IRS only accepts a U.S. bank routing number when making a payment online and any questions about the system can be directed to a IRS call center at 800-829-1040.

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