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Inter-State Order

  • Customers can begin ordering process online with Order Code
  • New users can sign up by completing online registration form
  • Support service is available by online form contact

Anyone who HAS NOT been living in a cave over the past couple of decades likely understands the benefits of placing an online order.  With the advantages online ordering offers, it’s no surprise that the convenient method has made its way to the photography industry.  Customers who need to place an order with Inter-State can save some time by going to the Inter-State Order page and entering an Order Code.  Those who cannot locate their Order Codes can enter a State, City, Season, School, and Picture Day for assistance with the Inter-State ordering process.

Getting to know Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. on a more Personal Level

  • Inter-State is one of the largest (and one of the oldest for that matter) family owned school photography companies in the United States
  • The company was started in 1933 by Guy Snyder who was at the helms for over 50 years until turning the company over to his son Aric Snyder in 1988
  • Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. currently provides photographic services in 30 of the United States (yearbook publishing is offered in all 50)

Inter-State customers who have yet to sign up for an online account can do so by entering a name, email address, and password (link to registration form provided at the Inter-State Order page).  Those who have already registered for an account can login with an email address and password.  For questions about an order customers can contact support by completing an online form with a name, email address, customer issue, and Order ID. Customers who have further inquiries for Inter-State can try contacting the company’s corporate office.

Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. Corporate Office

  • 3500 Snyder Ave, Sedalia, MO 65302



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