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Identify Yourself Walgreens 8

  • Customers can shop for American Medical ID jewelry sold at Walgreens online
  • Medical identification jewelry comes in the form of both bracelets and necklaces

Safety comes first but practicing safety while looking great at the same time is absolutely paramount.  That is what customers will get when they decide to take the plunge and purchase either an American Medical ID bracelet or necklace from Walgreens.  If a medical emergency occurs while wearing one these stunning pieces the wearer can be helped without even speaking as the jewelry will do the talking with the name, condition, allergies, and medications all listed on the bracelet or necklace.  The items come available in a variety of categories such as active-wear, charm, sterling silver, stainless steel, Sportband, titanium, and Go Sport ID.  Customers will not have to worry about the American Medical ID item breaking the bank as the pieces start at just $14.99.  To get started on the road towards increased safety and fashion customers can go directly to the Identify Yourself Walgreens 8 webpage.

Is the juice really worth the squeeze?

  • Medical experts such as doctors, nurses, and health care professionals all recommend wearing the bracelet or necklace for those suffering from chronic conditions
  • Wearers can add their own personalized flair to their jewelry with personalized engraving and sizing
  • Customers can take advantage of the optional feature of the My Interactive Health Record
  • Over 95 percent of medical responders check for a medical ID with more than 75% of the responders checking for the ID immediately upon assessing a patient
  • Contact information of a loved one can be placed on the necklace or bracelet to ensure they know exactly where to go and what is going on
  • Use of the medical ID can lead to fewer emergency room visits and lower hospital re-admittance all while saving the wearer time and money

American Medical ID was founded in 1994 by Rick Russell and is 100% employee owned.  The company runs it’s headquarters out of Houston, Texas at 949 Wakefield Dr #100.  To reach American Medical ID headquarters by phone customers can go ahead and call 1-800-363-5985.



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