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Employee Hub Amazon Login – A to Z Account

How to Enter the Hub Amazon Work Portal


  • Employees can access their work accounts online
  • The hub requires Mobile phone verification to enter
  • Employees can choose from a number of languages
  • Begin at


It only stands to reason that an industry titan like Amazon should offer an employee hub that meets modern technological standards.  For instance, employees who use the Hub Amazon Work portal (also known as Amazon A to Z) will likely have few complaints.  In order to begin entry, users can simply enter their Amazon Login and hit the Get Started button.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to access the Hub Amazon Work portal in a language other than English can utilize the drop down list provided under the login field (there are quite a few different languages to choose from).


Information Needed to Use the Hub Amazon Work Portal

  • Employees who aren’t quite sure exactly what their Amazon Login is only need to refer to their Amazon badge where it can be found above the employee photo
  • first time users who are attempting access the hub outside of the Amazon network will be required to confirm their identity through text verification
  • Those who wish to bypass the mobile phone verification process can check the Remember this device box in order to skip code verification for 30 days
  • Users who wish to add a new mobile phone number must login to the Hub Amazon Work portal and add the number to their contact details
  • Employees who encounter an expired password (or who cannot remember their password) should contact their manager or Local IT department


By the way, Amazon Hub Work portal users who do not receive a verification code can try texting RESUME to 262966 as they may have blocked text messages from Amazon (for United States and Canadian phone numbers only).  If the problem persists, the user can try contacting their mobile phone carrier (perhaps the carrier blocked text messages from Amazon).


A Few More Notes on the Hub Amazon Work Portal

  • Users CANNOT use the same verification code twice (a new one is needed for each new device)
  • Those who did not request a verification code can reply with STOP (no need for unwanted texts)
  • Users who need a new password will receive a PIN via email (just remember your email address!)


Employees with questions about the login process may want to read through the hub’s extensive FAQ list.  In order to access the FAQs, employees can click the link posted at the bottom of the page.  Those who would rather seek over the phone assistance can try calling ERC.


ERC Contact Phone Number

  • 888-892-7180




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