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HNS License

  • Screen Name and password needed to login
  • Password and Screen Name recovery available

Those who need to gain access to the Hair, Nails, and Skin Licensure System can do so by getting on the computer and surfing over to the HNS License page.  Once at the login page users will be required to enter a Screen Name along with a password before hitting the Accept button to gain access to the system.  Those who would enjoy expedited access in the future can check the Remember My Login box posted under the login fields at the HNS License page.  Users who think they have mistyped a password can click the Reset button to clear everything that was entered into the login fields (located to the right of the Accept button at the HNS License page).

So what happens if I forget a Screen Name or password?

  • State, License Board, and Account Type must be verified to begin reset process
  • Available Account Type options are Salon, Person, School, or CEU Sponsor
  • Complete Social Security Number must be entered (must not include hyphens)
  • A License Number and date of birth must be entered before clicking Accept

In order to pull up the form that initiates the Screen or Password reset process users will need to click the reset link posted at the HNS License page.  Users who need to enter the Hair, Nails, and Skin Licensure System as a guest can click the Guest link located under the Screen Name and password reset link.  Those in need of assistance can try calling the Board Office at 502-564-4262.



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