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History Channel Today

  • Readers can learn about many iconic events
  • Corresponding videos are posted for viewing
  • Stories can be shared via social media outlets

Anyone who has ever been curious enough to wonder what past world events have transpired on a certain calendar date can now quench their thirst for knowledge at the History Channel Today page.  This unique collection of information documents the most important world-changing events through a collection of online articles and videos.  After arriving at the History Channel Today page viewers will be greeted by the day’s lead story which is documented by a written synopsis.  Above the day’s lead story a video will be posted that runs through some of the most relevant events occurring on that day.  Readers who find any of the content interesting enough to share with friends and family on social media can do so by clicking the links provided at the page (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter).

Must See Television Programs on the History Channel

  • Swamp People – Journey deep into the Louisiana bayou and watch the intense competition that comes with another season
  • Detroit Steel – Watch as Adam Genei and his team at Mobsteel work hard to make one exciting car restoration after another
  • American Pickers – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is a phrase that comes to mind when describing this program
  • Pawn Stars – See what will roll into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop next on one of the History Channel’s most popular shows

Those who would like to receive a daily “This Day in History” email can register to receive one by clicking the Daily Email link posted near the top of the History Channel Today page.  Those who have questions regarding the History Channel can try writing to its parent company A&E Television Networks.

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