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Getting Started with Healthcare Bill Pay

  • Statement ID and password are needed
  • Toll-free phone available for questions

Incurring a medical bill is unpleasant enough on its own without having to worry about how on earth it can be paid for.  Thankfully those who have been directed to the Healthcare Bill Pay portal to take care of a payment won’t have to fret about a hassle-ridden payment process.   Patients will only need to find a Patient ID and password from the recent statement and enter both pieces of information into the fields provided at the Healthcare Bill Pay portal to begin the payment process.  After entering the required information the Continue button can be clicked to review the statement being paid.  Once a thorough (or not-so-thorough depending on the user) review of the statement has been completed the Pay My Bill button can be clicked to settle the debt once and for all.
Wipe the debt clean!

Things to Remember About a Hospital Bill

  • Payment of the hospital bill is due upon receipt of the statement
  • Patients are responsible for payment regardless of insurance claims
  • It is essential that patients notify billing office of address changes
  • Unpaid account balances may be turned over to collection agencies
  • May charge for use of equipment, supplies, and technical personnel
  • Physician billing statements will be separated from the hospital bill

Patients who need to report a change of address should call the billing number found on the statement they received.  Those who wish review detailed information about the billing process can click the FAQ link posted at the top right corner of the Health Care Bill Pay page. Patients with questions about a statement or the online payment process can dial customer service toll-free.

Customer Service Number

  • 888-719-9015



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