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Go To My Bill

  • Customers can login with an email address and password to pay bill
  • New users will need to register for online access prior to paying

The last thing anyone needs is a utility turned off due to a bill not being paid on time.  Many people experience this embarrassing situation at one time or another for number of different reasons; however, a complicated payment system shouldn’t be one of them.  Customers that are fortunate enough to have their utility bill payments handled by Utility Smart likely won’t people able to argue the payment system as the root cause of a late payment.  With the Go To My Bill payment portal customers can access their account and pay a bill in just minutes after logging in with an email address and password.   First time users will need to complete online registration before paying a bill by completing a form that requires an account number, a PIN, an email address, and password creation.

Shouldn’t I be able to get rid of my old paper bill if I pay through the Go To My Bill portal?

  • Customers looking to go get rid the paper can edit their paperless billing preferences by clicking the Opt In button at the Got To My Bill page
  • To initiate the paperless bill process customers will need to enter the account number and PIN found on their billing statement
  • Once paperless billing has been initiated customers can go back to paper by clicking the Opt Out button and entering an account number and PIN

Customers who are having a hard time paying a bill through the Go To My Bill portal can call a live representative Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM MST by dialing 1-800-351-1238.  Those who prefer to communicate their issues in writing can either send an email to questions@gotomybill or a letter to 2525 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 810 Phoenix, AZ 85016.




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