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  • Borrowers can take the first step by pre-qualifying online
  • Auto loans, personal loans, and secured loans are available

Most consumers at one point or another find themselves in need of a loan.  Many of the consumers in this situation are now turning to Regional Finance for help.  Interested borrowers can go to Get Regional Cash page and click the Prequalify Now button to enter some basic background information (first name, last name, email address, state, what type of loan is needed).  Once the background information has been entered borrowers will have the option to check a box that allows Regional Finance to send offers visa email or social media. Borrowers who qualify can make use of either an auto loan (up to $27,500), a small personal loan (up to $2,500), or a large secured loan (up to $12,000).

Anything else I need to know before I get my Regional cash?

  • Borrowers who are in need of a loan must provide collateral in the form of personal property such as televisions, stereos, or vehicle titles
  • Those who do not have the cash to pay up front have no need to worry as Regional Finance will never require borrowers to pay up front costs or fees prior to receiving a loan
  • Borrowers should be prepared to bring an unexpired driver’s license or government ID, a recent utility bill, a bank statement or lease agreement, and their most recent payroll stub
  • Loan payments can be made at any Regional Finance branch but borrowers can only have their account information accessed through the branch that originated the loan

Borrowers who have secured a loan can make their payments to Regional Finance in the form of cash, check, money order, or cashiers check.  Those with further questions can either review the FAQs listed at the Get Regional Cash page or call Regional Finance directly.

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