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Get Instafy

  • Learn to build massive amounts of Instagram traffic
  • The claim the system is a $5000 value and will make users tons of money if implemented correctly
  • Instafy will teach people how to make money promoting other people products via Instagram

Get Instafy claims some people while make up to 6 figures using their system… while this may be true most users should NOT expect to make this type of money.  They do offer a nice 100% money back guarantee as long as the service is returned within 30 days of the purchase.

Instafy provides no warranty regarding the success of any one individual ability to make money and have no liability whatsoever with regard to the results that the customer may or may not achieve (some people will make money some people will NOT make money).

Due to international law European residents (aka members of the EU) are subject to VAT.

How much does this Get Instafy promotional service cost?

  • Instafy Gold = $497
  • Instafy Platinum = $697

When making a Get Instafy purchases customer can use any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or a PayPal account.. please note America Express cards cannot be used at this time when making a Instafy purchase.

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