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Taking Care of a Bill with FSA Pay

  • Reference Number is needed to make an online collections payment
  • Debts can be disputed by phone or by mail (toll-free number or PO Box)

When a past due bill gets sent to collections it’s always a good idea to resolve the debt as soon as possible.  Fortunately consumers who have had a debt sent to Firstsource Advantage, LLC can make instant payments over the internet by going directly to the the FSA Pay portal.  To begin the online payment process, users will need to enter their Reference Number and the last 4 digits of their Creditor Account Number before hitting the Login button.  Once logged into the FSA Pay portal users will be also able to access account information, share new information, advise if a payment cannot be sent, and notify Firstsource of a payment.
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 A Gander at Firstsource Advantage, LLC

  • The company provides debt collections services to credit card issuers, financial institutions, healthcare providers and universities
  • Firstsource is a world-wide top 20 collections service that manages $4 billion in charged-off debt for its clients (some of whom are fortune 500 companies)
  • The company runs its headquarters out of Amherst, New York and is registered to provide services in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia

Consumers who dispute the debt that Firstsource is attempting to collect can request verification by calling the toll-free number printed on the letter they received (debt can also be disputed by sending correspondence to the Firstsource Advantage PO Box).  Those who are having problems logging into the FSA Pay portal can try clicking the Need help logging in? link located to the right of the entry fields.  Consumers who would rather pay by mail can send correspondence to Box 628, Buffalo, NY 14240-0628.

Debt Dispute Address 

  • Firstsource Advantage, LLC 205 Bryant Woods South Amherst, NY 14228



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