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Flying Together UAL

  • Username and password can be used to enter
  • Users can follow United Airlines on Twitter
  • Support is available for those with login issues

With the sheer number of online portals many employees are tasked with using on a daily basis, it would come as no surprise that a username or password is forgotten every once and a while.  Thankfully, most portals now have self-service options available to remedy such a situation.  United employees who find themselves locked out of the Flying Together UAL portal can help themselves out by taking steps to recovery both a username and password.  Those who can’t recall a password can enter a username and click the Employee link posted beneath the login fields to begin the process of recovering an account password.  Employees who aren’t sure on the username can begin by clicking the Login Issues link posted at the bottom of the portal to review hints that can’t help recall a password.  It is important to point out the Continental legacy employees should no longer use their legacy ID when attempting to access the Flying Together UAL portal.

A Brief Review of United Airlines

  • Supplies jobs to around 88,000 employees all over the globe (including every U.S. state)
  • Serves a total of 338 airports (216 of which are domestic while 122 are international)
  • Major hubs can be found in each of the four largest United States cities (got ya covered!)
  • The airline served over 146 MILLION passengers in 2017 (adds up to about 18 Big Apples!)
  • Recognized around the world serving 49 countries with around 4,500 departures daily

Non-United pass riders can begin the password recovery process by entering a username after clicking the link located directly under the password.  Those who wish to follow United on Twitter can do so by clicking the Twitter icon posted at the bottom of Flying Together UAL portal (don’t forget to use the hashtag “beingunited”!).  Employees who are unsuccessful in their attempts to reset a password or username can trying calling the United IT Desk for further assistance at 800-255-5801 or 847-700-5800.

United Airline Headquarters Addresses

  • Mailing – PO Box 06649, Chicago, IL 60606-0649
  • Physical – 233 S. Wacker DR., Chicago, IL 60606



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