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Fluoride Tablets Settlement

  • Class Members can file claims with online claim form
  • Claims Administrator can be contacted with questions

One of the most recent class action lawsuit settlements to come down the pipeline involves a dispute over how much Fluoride was placed in prescription multi vitamins.  Mahoney v. Endo Health Solutions, Inc was filed over allegations that the Chewable Tablets being marketed by the Defendants overstated the amount of fluoride that was actually in the multivitamins  (only around  44% of the fluoride ion claimed on the label and package insert to be precise).  The Defendants deny these allegations but have agreed to settle the case for $15.5 million.  Class Members who believe they are eligible for compensation can file a claim by going to the Fluoride Tablets Settlement page and clicking the Submit Your Claim Online link.

Fluoride Tablets Settlement Key Dates

  • Anyone wishing to submit a claim will need to make sure a Claim Form is submitted by the April 17th, 2016 deadline
  • The decision on whether or not to approve the settlement will be made at the Fairness Hearing held on June 9th, 2017
  • Those who want out of the settlement will need to file their request to be excluded by the April 17th, 2016 deadline

To be included in the Fluoride Tablets Settlement Class Members must have paid (or had their company pay) for Chewable Tablets branded “Qualitest Pharmaceuticals,” “Vintage Pharmaceuticals,” or “Physicians Total Care,” purportedly containing doses of fluoride of 1.0 mg, 0.5 mg, or 0.25 mg.  It is important to note that the purchases must have taken place between the dates of October 31st, 2007 and December 31st, 2015.  Those who have further questions regarding the settlement can reach out to the Claims Administrator.

Fluoride Tablets Settlement Claims Administrator

  • P.O. Box 173017, Milwaukee, WI 53217
  • 800-983-6133



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