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Fitness Does Pay Medica

  • Enroll in Fitness Does Pay to have gym membership fees reimbursed through certain insurance providers
  • Fitness Does Pay works with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Preferred One, and more
  • The “Fit Choices” Health Club Reimbursement program will pay $20 a month as long as the minimum visits are met

With the Fitness Does Pay program, customers have certain gym membership fees reimbursed. — up to $20 per month per account. The Fitness Does Pay Program works in conjunction with several well-known insurance agencies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Partners, Medica, Preferred One, and UCare.

To enroll in the Fitness Does Pay Program, customers will be asked to select their insurance provider from the list, then log in to their insurance account. Customers enrolling to have gym fees paid back by Fitness Does Pay will need to have their insurance account information on had.

  • One insurance provider that does participate in the Fitness Does Pay program is Medica, through the “Fit Choices” Health Club Reimbursement program
  • A $20 credit will be provided each month, adding up to $240 per year
  • Customers will enroll in the program by presenting their Medica card at their gym
  • Participating gyms will track visits, and in turn notify Medica
  • As long as the required number of visits are met, the reimbursement will be paid

Whether Medica insurance is for a couple or a family,  there is a limit of one $20 payment per account. If a couple has two single Medica accounts, both are eligible for the $20 payment. Eligible members must be at least 18 years old to receive payment and participate in the reimbursement program.

To contact Fitness Does Pay:

Customers will need to contact their specific insurance program to see if their provider is enrolled in this program. For Medica Medicare, that information is:

  • Medica, P.O. Box 9310, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9310
  • 800-234-8755

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