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Fandango Now Activate

  • 5 digit code is needed to begin
  • Applications can be downloaded
  • Support phone number available

The process of activating a television or connected device for streaming purposes seems to be getting easier and easier.  The device activation process used for Fandango Now is a prime example of just how easy this task has become.  Activation can be started by going to the Fandango Now Activation page and entering the 5 digit code as shown on the television screen.  Once the code has been entered, the activation process can be completed and content can be viewed in just a mere a matter of minutes.  Devices that are compatible for use with Fandango Now include computers, portable devices, smart televisions, and streaming players.  Those who wish to view a full list of compatible devices can click the Devices tab located at the top right corner of the Fandango Now Activate page.

Movies to Watch Once Activation Has Been Completed 

  • Passengers – A space romance featuring characters Jim and Aura who wake from hibernation 90 years too early while on a mission to another planet
  • Jurassic Park – One of the all time great blockbusters gives viewers a glimpse of the beauty and danger that comes with bringing back the dinosaurs
  • Night at the Museum – Night watchman Larry Daley may have received more than he bargained for when the exhibits come to life once the sun sets
  • Date Night – Bored suburban couple Phil and Claire Foster suddenly find themselves in a sticky situation after visiting a trendy Manhattan bistro

Those who would like to get the Fandango Now app for iTunes or Google Play can do so by clicking the links posted at the bottom right corner of the Fandango Now Activate page. Users who could use some assistance can either fill out the online contact form or call the support team directly.

Customer Support Phone

  • 855-646-2580



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