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Eyes On Gigi

  • Choose between 5 different cars to see which one Gigi Hadid is in
  • 3D version of Gigi’s ride is available to viewers with the right operating system

BMW wants potential customers to keep their eyes on Gigi Hadid as she steps into the first ever BMW M2.  Once the super model gets into the car it is up to the viewer to follow Gigi as she maneuvers her vehicle along the side of 4 identical blue BMW M2s.  At the end of the ride all 5 vehicles line up next to each other and it will be up to the viewer to decide which one Gigi will pop out of.  Viewers that were able to keep their eyes on Gigi for the entire ride will be rewarded by seeing the beautiful model gracefully step out of the chosen BMW M2.

View GiGi Hadid’s BMW M2 Ride In 3D

  • Viewers can keep their eyes on Gigi in 3D as long as they have a current operating system and the current version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Mobile device users that want to keep their eyes on Gigi will need to make sure they have a current Android or iOS version with a recent browser
  • Mobile iOS device users will need have the current version of the YouTube app installed to view the 3D version of the commercial
  • Viewers with older operating systems, browsers, and hardware are out of luck as they are not supported

The BMW M2 is far from a shy automobile as it boasts 365 horsepower that can take the vehicle to 60 MPH in as quick as 4.1 seconds.  The car is fitted with the same lightweight aluminium suspension as the BMW M4, race-bred compound brakes, and Active M differential.  With all of these features it’s no wonder this beauty can finish a Nurburgring lap in just 7:58.



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