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Best Amazon Extras Referral Code & Employee Discounts

How to Redeem Amazon Extras Referral Code


Amazon Extras referral code


  • You’ll need to login using your Amazon ID and password
  • Trouble logging in? Password reset assistance is available
  • Employees can use the FAQs for login assistance
  • Start by entering your referral code at


So you’re hoping to snag some sweet Amazon Extras? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find out exactly how to access your Extras For Amazon account so you can start taking advantage of those juicy coupons and special offers! And if that doesn’t get you pumped we don’t know what does.

Anyways, the process for accessing your Amazon Extras is incredibly easy. How easy? Let’s just say the numbers 123 and letters ABC come to mind. Let’s find out!



Pro Tip: Always check to make sure your employee benefits account is up to date with your current information!



Best Amazon Extras Referral Code at

  1. First you’ll need to enter your username and account ID
  2. After entering both pieces of information click the Continue button
  3. If prompted enter referral code AMAZON
  4. Please note that you can switch languages before getting started



Amazon Extras


By the way, if your having trouble logging in to redeem your Amazon Extras try using the online password reset tool. In order to do so type in your Extras for Amazon account ID. Once you’ve submitted the request you should receive an email. Next, pull up the email, follow the instructions and BOOM you’re back in your account and redeeming those tasty offers and coupons at

That wasn’t so hard was it? Didn’t think so. Now that you’re up and running, what Amazon Extras are you looking forward to the most? Chances are you’ll be getting amazing deals for a long time to come. Just sit back, relax, and let them come pouring in because it’s sure to be a sweet ride.


Top 3 Amazon Extras FAQS at


Will I be charged for text messages receive from my Extras For Amazon account?

That’s up to your carrier! When in doubt give them a call and see EXACTLY what they charge.


Can I use more than one password reset code?

Nope. The good news is that a new code can be generated after 5 seconds. Take a couple sips of coffee and next thing you know it’ll be time to request a new one!


How can I get in touch with ERC?

Simply pick up the phone and dial 888-892-7180.



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