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Express Smile Atlanta

  • Customers can order whitening kits online
  • In-store whitening sessions are available

One thing many people strive for (but often fail to realize) is a sparkling pair of pearly whites. Those who have failed to meet their teeth whitening goals may want to check out the products offered by Express Smiles Atlanta.  Customers who are curious to see what type of teeth whitening kits are being offered will need to go to the Express Smile Atlanta website and click the Tell Me More button to be directed to a list of available products.  Once the desired kit is located customers can click the Order Now button to proceed to checkout (customers who wish to pay using PayPal can do so by clicking the Checkout with PayPal button).  Customers who do not checkout with PayPal will need to complete a brief ordering form that requires verification of customer information, shipping method, and payment method.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t be ordering Express Smile Atlanta products?

  • Pregnant women and people with poor enamel or decalcification caused by excessive use of fluoride should avoid teeth whitening
  • Those with periodontal disease (including gingivitis or gums in poor condition) should stay away from teeth whitening products
  • Anyone who wears braces or who have had their braces removed in the past 6 months should not undergo teeth whitening
  • Teeth whitening is not for people with open cavities, silver filling near their front teeth , or decaying teeth (or exposed roots)

Customers who would rather have a professional whiten their teeth (as opposed to using a self whitening home kit) can call Express Smiles Atlanta to schedule a 1 hour in-store whitening session for just $199.99.  It should be noted that the in-store whitening sessions are available by appointment only and require a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling.

Express Smiles Atlanta Contact Information

  • 3705 Main Street, College Park, GA 30337
  • 404-465-4684



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