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Express-Scripts Pay My Balance System

  • Grab your invoice before you visit the system (you’ll need to find a number on it)
  • A sample image is provided if you need help finding the number to begin payment
  • You can also login to your account to pay the bill or for more information
  • Online feedback form is also available at

What’s the best way to pay a bill?  AS FAST AS YOU CAN (at least in our honest opinion).  And what’s the fastest way to pay?  Well that would be online, of course.  So let’s give a quick shout out to Express Scripts for the company’s easy-to-use online payment system!

Making Your Payment at

Alright, so pull out your invoice and try to find the 11 digit invoice number.

Once you’ve located that little rascal go ahead and enter it into blank field labeled (you guessed it) INVOICE NUMBER.

Finally, click the Continue button to proceed with making your easy online payment (feels good to eliminate a debt!).

Problems finding your invoice number?  Click the Where’s this? link to bring up a sample of your invoice (it’ll highlight the invoice number in an eye-popping yellow).

By the way, we should mention that you’ll need to login to make your payment if your invoice IS NOT 11 digits in length.  In order to do so, simply click the Login button (there’s one at the top and the bottom so just pick whichever) and sign in with your username and password.  Don’t have an account?  Click that Register Now link to sign up for one and make your payment.

Feel like providing an opinion? 

Finally, you can leave feedback on your experience at by using the survey found at the bottom of the page.  Just click the Feedback link to bring up the questions.  Once you’re done with the survey you’ll be asked to provide an email address where you can be contacted to provide more information.

Questions about your prescription benefits?  Give Express-Scripts a call at 800-282-2881.


Speaking of EXPRESS….

Check out Curbside Express!



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