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Registering an Evenflo Carseat

  • An easy to use online registration form is available
  • The model number and manufacture date are needed
  • Evenflo customer support available by phone

Registering a recently purchased product isn’t always a top priority for many consumers (let’s face it, sometimes its just to big of a hassle!).  However, when it comes to a product as important as a car seat, registration suddenly makes its way to the top of the “things to do” list.  Thankfully, Evenflo customers who have recently purchased a new car seat can accomplish the registration process without breaking a sweat by completing the online form found at  The form can be completed in less than a minute and requires the following information: a model number, the date of manufacture, a first and last name, a mailing address, and an email address (the email address is optional).  Once all of the required information has been entered into the form the Register button can be clicked to confirm the Evenflo car seat registration.

Important Information Regarding Evenflo Car Seat Registration

  • Necessary to allow Evenflo to contact customers in the case of a product recall
  • The model number and date of manufacture are on the product registration card
  • The date of manufacture must be entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format (standard)
  • The form is only applicable to systems that were purchased in the United States

Customers who are having a hard time locating the model number and/or date of manufacture can refer to the links posted at for assistance (the links provide information on where each piece of information can be found on a product).  Spanish-speaking (or reading) customers should have no trouble completing the Evenflo car seat registration as the form comes automatically translated (talk about a breath of fresh air!).  Those in need of assistance with an Evenflo product can try contacting customer support by phone.

Customer Support

  • 800-233-5921


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