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  • Need to make a debt payment?  Grab a card!
  • Getting called for no good reason?  Make a stop call request
  • You’ll need to enroll for an online account to make a payment
  • Existing users can sign in to proceeds
  • Contact information also available at

Some may say the bets way to handle debt is to ELIMINATE IT!  Well, if you’ve been conatced by ERC abpout an existing past due debt, now’s your chance to take care of it.  In order to make an online paym ent, go to the ERC BPO Help page and login with your ctedntials.

New Accounts at

Need to create a brand new account?  Don’t worry!  It’s EASY.

First just go ahead and enter the Reference number you received.

Next, punch in the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Can’t find the reference number?  Take a gander at the top right hand portion of the collections letter.

Click the ? icon to get an example image of where the reference number is on the letter.

By the way, you may be getting calls from ERC even though you have ZERO bills in collections.  If that’s the case you can let ERC know they have the wrong number by clicking the Stop Calling Me tab.  Once the request form appears, fill it out with your name, number, and relevant details.  Hopefully’ that’ll keep your phone from ringing off the hook all day long!

Finally, if you have questions about ERC try pulling op the FAQs.  In order to do so, click the Information FAQ link at the top right hand side of the payments page.  Additionally, you can call ERC if you don’t see what your’re looking for in the FAQs.  We should note that the call is TOLL-FREE (no reason to go into any further debt over a lousy phone call!).

ERC BPO Help Toll-Free Number

  • 800-383-5979


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