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EPPICARD Check Balance

  • Learn how to check a EPPICard Unemployment (aka Child Support Card is a prepaid debit card) balance online
  • This card is designed for poor people and is issued in 23 states at the present time
  • The most common use of the Eppicard is to distribute child support and unemployment payments (i.e. Govermenet handouts)

In order to access the EPPICard Check Balance service customers will need to create an online account with a valid email address.  The check balance service will display information and any charges that have cleared or are pending on the Eppicard account and is free to use (works with any smart phone).

Eppicard Check Balance Footnotes

  • The balance on a card can also be checked at any ATM (might be the simplest way)
  • There is not a fee when checking a balance on any ATM
  • Some ATM’s (most actually) will charge the Eppicard card holder a surcharge
  • Avoid surcharges by using ATM’s that are compatible with the Eppicard only
  • Since this is a Government issued card the holder will never be charged a monthly management fee
  • A lost card must be reported ASAP and will take up to 10 days to be replaced
  • In some cases a lost card replacement can be rushed

The Eppicard only allows state funds and any other funds are NOT allowed to be loaded unto the card.  Once the Eppicard runs out of funds it will not be able to be used again to make purchases until the customers monthly benefits (i.e. child support, unemployment, veterans affairs disability payments) are added to the card.  To obtain cash at an ATM please select the “cash withdraw” tab and double-check the machine for any surcharges associated with the withdraw.

Any questions about a Eppicard balance can be directed to 877-253-0757 or 866-569-0417 for those living internationally (some veterans).

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