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Epix Free Trial Offer

  • Email address must be entered to begin trial
  • Existing users can login to an EPIX account
  • EPIX support contact number is available

With all of the available TV options nowadays it’s always nice to get one’s feet wet before taking the full on PLUNGE.  EPIX seems to have received this message loud and clear judging by its incredible 14 day FREE trial offer.  Those who wouldn’t mind testing the waters can begin by going to the EPIX free trial registration page and entering an email address before clicking the Start Your Free Trial button to proceed with the offer.  It should be pointed out that a box must be checked to confirm the user is at least 18 years of age and agrees with the Terms of Use prior to proceeding with the registration process.  Those who believe they should know what they’re about to agree to may want to click the Terms of Use link and prepare for a few minutes of reading (or possibly a few hours for those who really want to get a good handle on it).

Movies Now Airing On EPIX

  • Hamlet – Watch the Shakespearean classic come to life in this modern rendition
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane – Sit back and get ready for good ole’ fashioned suspense
  • The Duel – A western flick about a Texas Ranger and little town called Helena
  • The Magnificent Seven – A thrilling modern remake of one of the great classics
  • Creed – The latest installment of the Rocky series features Apollo Creed’s son

Those who already have an account can login directly from the EPIX free trial offer registration page by clicking the provided link and selecting a TV provider.  In order to be eligible for the offer, users must be legal resident of the United States and at least 18 years old (only one trial account per person so try to temper those lofty expectations!).  Users who want to stay in touch with EPIX on social media can do so by clicking the icons posted at the bottom of the trial registration page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Those with questions about the offer can try contacting EPIX directly for more information.

EPIX Contact Number

  • 844-EPIX-Now (844-374-9669)



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