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Enagic TCPA Settlement:  How to File Online

  • You’ll need to enter your Claim ID and phone number
  • The Claim ID is on the postcard or email you received
  • Enter your phone number to see if you’re eligible if you don’t have an ID
  • A sample image of where the Claim ID is located on the notice is available
  • You can update your contact information if you’ve already filed

You may have received a postcard or email notice with information about your eligibility for a the Enagic TCPA Settlement.   If so, you can go to the nearest computer or other internet connected device and pull up the online filing page to start a claim.  Once you’re at the filing site, click the Online Claim Form link to get started.

A Closer Look at the Enagic TCPA Settlement

  • The suit is based on allegations that the Defendant violated the TCPA
  • The Defendant denies any wrong doing brought forth in the lawsuit
  • You have only until November 14th, 2019 to file your claim form
  • Additionally, objections and exclusions must be filed by November 14th, 2019
  • The settlement approval is pending a hearing on January 13th, 2020

By the way, you can also file your claim form through the mail (sometimes it’s more satisfying to go old school!).  In order to do so, print off a claim form and fill it out.  Once you’ve completed your form, send it directly to the Settlement Administrator.  Please note that your claim form must be post-marked by the November 14th, 2019 filing deadline if you choose to file by mail.

In addition to the accepting claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also help with questions about the settlement.  You can reach the Settlement Administrator by dialing 888-662-7142.  Additionally, you can try sending an email with your questions to

Enagic TCPA Settlement Administrator Address

  • PO Box 3518, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3518


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