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An Overhead View of the El Paso Jury Portal

  • Information found on summons form is needed
  • A variety of tasks can be completed after login
  • Sign language interpreter is available to assist

Being selected for jury duty isn’t always the most convenient thing that can happen to a person.  However, those who have been selected to fill the jury bench in El Paso County Texas should find the process about as convenient as possibly can be.  Those who have been selected to be part of an El Paso jury can access the county’s jury management system to complete questionnaires, respond to jury summonses, post-pone jury duty dates, review frequently asked questions, and request qualified exemptions from jury service (talk about having all the bases covered!).  Access to jury management system can be initiated by entering a date of birth along with a Juror ID Number and Electronic Signature as shown on the Qualification Questionnaire or summons form (Juror ID Number will be 6 digits in length while the Electronic Signature will be 5 digits in length).  Once the required information has been entered the Login button can be clicked to gain entry to the El Paso jury management system.

Things to Make Note of When Using El Paso i-Juror

  • Jurors will have 45 minutes to complete the summons questionnaire before begin logged out
  • Reset, disqualify, or exempt requests can be made after logging into the jury management system
  • The questionnaire can either be completed through i-Juror or returned through the mail if needed
  • Jurors can reschedule service online or by using the automated phone (sometimes stuff happens!)

Many common questions regarding the process of serving as a juror can be answered by reviewing the information found under the links posted off to the left hand side of the jury management system.  The Directions section posted at the bottom of the system is available for those who are unsure of how to get to duty.  El Paso jury members who will require a sign language interpreter while on duty should contact the District Clerk’s Office as soon as the summons is received in order to ensure the necessary arrangements can be made (requests can be made by phone, mail, email, fax, or in person).

El Paso Jury Sign Language Interpreter Requests

  • 200 S. Kansas St., El Paso TX 79901 (Jury Division)
  • Phone – 915-546-8102
  • Fax – 915-546-8139



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