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Elias Class Action Settlement

  • Claim ID and Pin Code are needed to file online
  • Claim forms can be mailed as filing alternative
  • Claims Administrator can be contacted for help

It’s not too difficult to imagine that a person may become a bit upset after learning a telephone call they participated in was recorded without consent.  When a large group of people believe that a company was responsible for initiating the recording of such calls, the potential for a class action lawsuit looms large. The class action lawsuit titled James Elias and James Kozik v. Synchrony Bank has recently come to settlement terms resolving allegations that the Defendant violated California laws prohibiting the recording of calls without notice to or consent of all parties to the conversation.  It shouldn’t go without noting that the Defendant denies the allegations brought forth in the suit along with any wrongdoing whatsoever.  It appears the merits of either sides’ arguments will never be heard in court as both parties have agreed to settle the case in order to avoid the risks and costs associated with further litigation.  Class Members who need to get started with a claim can do so online by going to the Elias Class Action Settlement page and clicking the File Claim link.

More Information on the Settlement

  • The total amount of the Settlement Fund created by the Defendant comes to $999,999.00
  • Claim forms (online or through mail) due no later than the deadline of October 24th, 2017
  • October 24th, 2017 is also the deadline for exclusion requests to be sent (post-marked by)
  • The hearing to determine if the settlement will be approved is set for December 7th, 2017
  • Those who take no action will receive nothing and give up their rights to their own lawsuit

Class Members who plan on filing by mail or requesting an exclusion will need to send correspondence directly to the Claims Administrator.  Those who have questions about the settlement may want to try reviewing the information found under the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the top of the Elias Class Action page.  The Class Administrator can be contacted with questions by those who don’t find they needed in the FAQs.

Claims Administrator

  • PO Box 40400, Louisville, KY 40233-4000
  • 866-763-9946





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