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ebtEDGE Balance

  • Cardholders can check a balance by logging in with a card number
  • Telephone assistance is available to those experiencing login issues

One of the most important things a cardholder needs to know about an ebtEDGE card is its current balance.  It’s a good thing this information can be learned fairly easily by going to the ebtEDGE Balance page and entering a card number to begin the login process.  Once logged in cardholders will be able to view their current ebtEDGE balance along with all recent card transactions.  Cardholders who are having problems locating their card numbers can refer to the sample image of an ebtEDGE card that points out exactly where the card number can be found (located to the right of the login field).

Login Process for ebtEDGE Agencies, Merchants, Providers, and Partners

  • Agencies – Agencies that need access must contact their State Security Administrator to secure a User ID and password for the ebtEDGE Agency Portal
  • Merchants – Merchants can register online for a User ID and password (merchants in Non-Quest states can follow the appropriate links provided)
  • Providers – First time providers can complete their contract or register online (link provided for North Carolina Subsidized Child Care Assistance)
  • Partners – Partners that are attempting to access ebtEDGE for the first time will need to contact FIS State Support to gain access to the Partner Portal

Merchants doing business in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Oregon who would like to get new service will need to fill out the Non-Quest Merchant Agreement.  It is important for merchants in the state of Texas to note that they will need to fill out the specific Texas Merchant Agreement.  Cardholders who are in need of assistance can contact customer support by phone (state-specific phone number list provided at the ebtEDGE Balance page).

ebtEDGE Florida Customer Service Number

  • 888-356-3281



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