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DVC Member

  • Access can be gained by entering a Username and password
  • Support is available for both members and non-members

Anyone who likes Disney enough to become a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member is most likely going to crave instant access to their membership account.  It’s a good thing DVC Members can now pop in and out of their accounts pretty much anytime they want through the DVC Member site.  To gain online account access, members will need to enter their Username (or the email address they used when signing up) and a password into the login fields before tapping the Sign In button.  DVC members who cannot recall their Usernames can enter their email address to begin the account recovery process.

Is there anything I should know about my DVC Membership Card?

  • Membership “types” that are issued Membership Cards include Primary Purchases, Additional Purchasers, Officers, and Affiliates
  • Members who are looking to receive Membership Extras will need to present their Membership Card along with a government issued ID
  • Both the digital and psychical copies of the Membership Card allow members access to Membership Extras (specials offers, savings, etc.)
  • Current Membership cards should have expiration dates of December 31st, 2021 (digital version is valid for 3 months after it is accessed)

DVC Members who have not yet signed up for an online account can do so by filling out a form that requires a name, email address, password,and date of birth.  Another form must be completed by those who wish to get their hands on a free DVD (requires name, country, address, phone number, and phone type).  When requesting the free DVD users will also have the option to sign up for updates and communications from the Disney Vacation Club. Those who have questions regarding the Disney Vacation Club program can try reaching out to Disney by phone.

Disney Vacation Club Contact Numbers

  • DVC Members – 800-800-9800
  • Non-members – 800-500-3990




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