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Dropcards Vinyl

  • Download code is needed to begin the redemption process
  • Those with questions can reach Dropcards by phone or email

One of the tried and true methods for creating buzz about a product is the trusty free sample.  The method is so effective that many would agree this direct-to-consumer marketing strategy can work just as well when being applied to music.  Music fans who have been lucky enough to receive a Dropcard can now see first hand how effective the free sample process works when it comes to receiving content from their favorite artists.  To begin the sample redemption process, users will need to go to the Dropcards Vinyl page and enter the download code that came with their card before hitting the Submit button.  Users who are having problems with the redemption process can click the question mark icon located at the Dropcards Vinyl page to view some helpful FAQs.

Some Basic Takeaways Regarding the use of Dropcards 

  • Users who have the misfortune of having their download interrupted can fill out a help desk ticket to have their download code reset
  • For the best results downloads should be made using a computer (files can be transferred to smart phone or tablets after the download)
  • Fans who have received a Dropcard only to find it has no media can request that the artist be contacted regarding the upload of content
  • Those who receive an “invalid” or “expired” error message when entering a code should note that Dropcards typically expire after 2 years

Those who wish to find out more about Dropcards can click the About tab located at the top left corner of the Dropcards Vinyl page.  General inquiries can be made by completing an online contact form that requires a name, company, email address, phone number, and message.  Users who need immediate assistance can try reaching Dropcards directly by phone.

Dropcards Contact Information

  • 800-608-2811




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