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DAP Activate

  • Register with a valid email address to join the popular DEXILANT Advantage Program
  • DEXILANT is billed the only GERD treatment with two releases of medicine in one pill but may not be right for everyone

The DAP activate service requires the patient to provide their name (first and last), email address, and their card number if they have a card to activate.  What are the requirements associated with the DEXILANT Advantage Program?

This offer cannot be used if you are a beneficiary of, or any part of your prescription is covered by: (1) any federal or state healthcare program (Medicare, Medicaid, TriCARE, etc.), including a state pharmaceutical assistance program, (2) the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D), or if you are currently in the coverage gap, or (3) insurance that is paying the entire cost of the prescription.” – DEXILANT (dexlansoprazole) Instant Savings Card Eligibility Rules

DAP Activate Notes

  • Will take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Once registered members will be mailed a DEXILANT Instant Savings Card (please allow a week for this card to arrive)
  • Once register members will receive email in regards to tips to help manage gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Provides a Symptom Tracker tool which records what foods and behaviors might be causing GERD and share the results with the patients doctor

Any negative side effects associated with the use of DEXILANT should be reported to the Federal Drug Administration at 1-800-FDA-1088.  More common side effects that can occur with the use of DEXILANT include (but are not limited to) diarrhea, stomach pain, common cold, and gas (bloating).

DEXILANT like all drugs should be discussed with a medical professional before taking.  DEXILANT may cause a vitamin B12 deficiency for people who take the drug for more than 3 years.  Individual results will vary but most patients using DEXILANT should see results in 4 to 8 weeks.

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