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Say hello to Curbside Express!

The GPS indicator should pick up the nearest Giant Eagle location (if you have it enabled).

Location not the closet one?  Click the Change Store button to select the correct Giant Eagle.

Once you see the store you want click the Shop Now button to get the party started!

NOTE:  If Curbside Express is avail;able you’ll see a check mark next to the store before you start ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions are avail;able at

These days, the ability to pick up your grocery store order is PARAMOUNT.  Thankfully, it appears that Giant Eagle is answering the call.  So if you need some groceries without stepping foot in the store, go ahead and try the innovative Curbside Express grocery pick up system.  But before you do, let’s emphasize a few more things (always best to go in knowing EXACTLY what you’re doing!).

More on ordering at

  • You’re gonna need to select a time you want to pick up your groceries
  • Worried about the quality of items?  Don’t worry – EXPERT SHOPPERS!
  • Expert shoppers will HAND PICK the best available items (fruits, veggies, etc.)
  • Coupon clipper?  Don’t worry you can still use the ecoupons when paying online!
  • Once you arrive at the store look for the designated curbside pick up spot

By the way, there may be some confusion on pricing when it comes to what you see in the ads and what you receive depending on the day.  To be clear, the Giant Eagle ads run from Thursday through Wednesday so be sure to pick up your groceries by Wednesday night if you want to get the prices in the current ad.  Other than that, get ready to start shopping for groceries the EASY WAY!.



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