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Cuisinart Recall

  • Recalls can be registered online or by phone
  • Eligibility for the recall can be confirmed online
  • Only certain food processor models are eligible

If a company is going to recall a product it’s usually in everyone’s best interest to make the recall voluntarily.  Conair has recently announced that it is making a stand-up move and voluntary recalling riveted blades contained in certain Cuisinart food processors.  Consumers who believe they own a product that is part of the voluntary recall can begin the registration process by going to the Cuisinart Recall page and confirming if their product begins with FP, ends in Y, and is a model DLC-6.  Consumers who answer yes to these questions own a product that is safe to use and not involved in the Cuisinart recall.

Information from Conair Regarding the Cuisinart Recall

  • The recall applies only to the blade part of the food processor (the actual units or any other parts or accessories may continue to be used)
  • The only Cuisinart food processors that are part of the voluntary recall are the models identified in the press release on December 13th, 2016
  • The total number of incidents related to the food processor blades is very small when compared to the total number of blades sold over time

Consumers who answer no to the previously mentioned recall form questions will need to verify the blade from their food processor is riveted before continuing.  After the riveted blade has been confirmed owners will be able to enter a model number to proceed with the online registration process. Those who would rather register for the Cuisinart Recall by phone can call customer service from 7 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time on the weekends.

Cuisinart Recall Customer Service Number

  • 877-339-2534


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