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CSSM Mobile Amazon

  • Password change and recovery options are provided
  • Amazon headquarters contact information is available

Most online portals provide a fairly simple process for recovering a lost or forgotten password.  The CSSM Mobile Amazon portal is no different.  Users who can’t quite seem to figure out what on earth they chose for an account password can begin the account recovery process by clicking the Forgot your password? link posted underneath the login fields.  After clicking the link a username and company can be entered before clicking the Submit button to be contacted with a brand new password (those without an email addressed attached to their account must get a hold of an administrator to have their password reset).  Users who suddenly recall their password while in the middle of the recovery process can click the Cancel button to back out and return to the CSSM Mobile Amazon portal where the login can be completed by entering a Login ID, password, and company.  Those who feel like their password could use an update can click Change Password link to begin the process of setting a new one (if it’s that easy may as well update it regularly!).

Amazon Fun (or at least mildly amusing) Facts

  • Packaging innovations have eliminated 181,000 tons of waste and over 300 million boxes
  • Currently installing solar panels on the roofs of fulfillment centers (harness those sun rays!)
  • In the year 2017 more than 300,000 United States business began selling through Amazon
  • Has rolled out brand new features like braille for Fire Tablets and magnification for Fire TV
  • Its fulfillment network has over 90,000 full-time employees (almost a mind-boggling stat!)

Amazon is involved in the retail sale of products and subscriptions throughout North America as well as internationally.  The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange under ticker symbol AMZN.  Those with corporate-related questions for the Amazon can contact the company’s headquarters located in Seattle, WA (where its 2nd headquarters will end up is anyone’s guess!).

Amazon Headquarters Contact Information

  • 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109
  • 206-266-1000



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