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CRT Settlement (ATG WA GOV):  Fact Gathering

  • How much is the settlement?  $39 million
  • How much can I get?  $6 per TV and $20 per monitor
  • Claim limitations?  Depends on number of claims received
  • Where does the money come from?  7 related settlements
  • Who’s affected?  WA consumers who purchased a CRT TV or monitor
  • Filing deadline?  May 16th, 2019

A truly massive litigation known as State of Washington v. LG Electronics, Inc., et al. has just entered settlement phase (likely to the delight of many).  The settlement resolves allegations that a group of Defendants conspired to fix the prices of CRTs placed in both TVs and computer monitors.  In order to begin a claim, Class Members can go the filing page and click the Online Claim Form tab (filer will be redirected to the online filing site).
By the way, CRT is short for cathode-ray tube.

More Info on the CRT Settlement

  • Impacts Washington (the state) residents who purchased a CRT TV or monitor
  • Residents must have made the purchase(s) between 03-01-1995 and 11-25-2007
  • The purchase(s) cannot be directly from the CRT manufacturer (such as a retailer)
  • Defendants include Chunghwa, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Philips
  • The settlement is even larger than the Raymours TCPA Settlement

While on the topic of Defendants, Samsung is BY FAR the biggest contributer to the settlement providing $29,000,000 of the $39,000,000 fund.  Meanwhile, Chunghwa provides the lowest amount of only $125,000.  In fact, the only other Defendant paying more than $5,000,000 is Philips with a $7,000,000 contribution (the rest are somewhere in between).

CRT Settlement:  Helpful Advice

  • Class Members can also file by sending a completed claim form in the mail
  • The settlement notice has a an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Class Members who don’t file a claim will get NOTHING from the settlement
  • The Claims Administrator can help answer questions about the settlement
  • As always don’t wait until the last day to file (missing a deadline is never fun)

By the way, Class Members who decide to file by mail must send the claim form directly to the Claims Administrator at PO Box 173069, Milwaukee, WI 53217.  Meanwhile, those with questions about the settlement can contact the administrator by phone at 800-332-9084 or by email at (when in doubt ask a questions or two!).

File Online Here:

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