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Credit One Bank Pay My Bill

  • Cardholders can pay their bills quickly and conveniently online
  • Mail in option is available for users that do not want to pay online

An unpaid credit card bill floating around out there is something that causes quite a bit of anxiety for most borrowers.  For many, the easiest way to eliminate that anxiety is to turn to the internet and pay the bill online.  Hopefully, most Credit One Bank customers can live anxiety free (at least when it comes to unpaid credit card bills) with Credit One Bank Pay My Bill.  Customers that are new to the service likely have some questions that need to be answered before jumping in with both feet.

Getting Into the Specifics of Credit One Bank Pay My Bill

  • Customers that choose to pay using the Express Payment option will have access to their funds sooner (usually by the next business day) than those that opt to make a Standard payment
  • Payments that are made by 2 PM PT Sunday through Friday will post that same day and will be displayed online the following business day
  • The maximum amount that can be paid using Credit One Bank Pay My Bill is the current account balance
  • Customers that fail to post their payment on or before the payment due date will be assessed a late fee
  • The minimum amount customers can pay through Credit One Bank Pay My Bill is $1, however to avoid the late fee the minimum payment due should be paid
  • Users that make their payments online will not be charged a fee when making a Standard payment (Express payments come with a $9.95 fee attached)

Customers that are registered for online account access are still allowed to pay through mail by sending in their payment coupon and monthly statement.  Those that pay by mail should be prepared to allow sufficient time for payment arrival and are discouraged from sending cash.  Payments should be sent to Payment Services at P.O. Box 60500, City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

  • Automated Account Information Lines:  1-877-825-3242 (toll-free) & 1-702-405-2042 (outside of the United States)



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