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Credit Karma Tax

  • Taxpayers can reserve free filing after logging in
  • New users will first need to create an account

The annual filing of income taxes can be a tedious process that causes many taxpayers to turn to a professional for help.  However, one of main problems with professional help is the professional BILL that comes along with it.  Fortunately taxpayers can have the best of both worlds with FREE tax returns through Credit Karma.  Those who have made the incredibly easy decision to move forward with a free tax return can reserve a spot by going to the Credit Karma Tax page and clicking the Reserve My Spot button.   After clicking the button taxpayers will be prompted to login to their accounts to proceed with the reservation.

Sounds to good to be true….what else should I know?

  • Credit Karma is able to offer this free service by suggesting products to customers (credit Karma usually gets paid if customers are approved for the suggested product)
  • Both federal and state returns are absolutely free of charge with no income limits, no expiration dates, no annoying up-sells, and no lousy hidden fees
  • Most taxpayers, including 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040 filers are eligible to use Credit Karma Tax (a complete list of supported forms is available)
  • Those who cannot (or just don’t want to) e-file will have the option to print out the return and mail it in (both e-filing and mail filing are free)

Taxpayers should be aware that Credit Karma Tax is only available to United States residents who are the age of 18 or older.  Those who have not yet signed up for a Credit Karma account will need to create one to proceed with the free filing reservation.  Customers who have other questions or concerns can try contacting Credit Karma directly by phone or mail.

Credit Karma Contact Information

  • 760 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • 415-692-5722


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