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Connector Settlements

  • Claim Forms can be located at settlement webpage
  • Contact info for Claims Administrator is available

It’s not everyday news breaks of a 2 for 1 class action lawsuit settlement.  Ponzo v. Watts Regulator Co. and Klug v. Watts Regulator Co. have recently come to settlement terms to resolve allegations that Defendant Watts sold defective Water Heater and FloodSafe connectors.  Watts denies all allegations but has agreed to the settlement in order to avoid the cost and risks associated with further litigation and trial.  The total amount of the Connector Settlements comes to a lip-smacking $14 million ($10 mil for the Water Heater connectors and another $4 mil for the Flood Safe connectors).  Class Members who are anxious to claim their rightful piece of the settlement can go to the Connector Settlements page and click the Important Documents tab to find the online claim form.

What else should I know about the Connector Settlements?

  • The settlement includes anyone who owns or owned a residence located in the United States that contained one of the connectors after November 4th, 2008
  • The FloodSafe connectors must have a FloodSafe automatic water shutoff device or a W on the ferrule of the connector in order to be part of the settlement
  • The Water Heater connectors must have a red disc between the crimp and fitting at each end of the connector to be verified as included in the settlement
  • Those who wish to opt out of the settlement will need to make their desire to be excluded known in writing before the March 7th, 2017 exclusion deadline

Connector Settlements Class Members who want to speak at the Fairness Hearing (to be held on April 12th, 2017) will need to file a Notice of Appearance with the Court and the Claims Administrator.  Those who have questions regarding the settlement process may want to try contacting the Claims Administrator directly by phone, mail, or email.

Connector Settlements Claims Administrator

  • PO Box 4259, Portland, OR 97208-4259
  • 877-845-3575



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